Golf Movies – Must see movies for every golfer

16 Feb

As a golfer, Caddyshack must be in your list of favourite golf movies? No? Never heard of it…Really?!? Well this post is especially for you. A list of golf movies that have to be watched. These movies will also only be truly appreciated by those who play the game. Inspiration for this post was brought on by this week being the 20th (yes 20th!!!) anniversary of the release of Happy Gilmore. Feeling old yet?


Number 1 on the list is the ultimate golf classic featuring an awesome cast with Bill Murray and Chevy Chase. Caddyshack is insanely funny and one of those movies that only golfers will “get”, One of my all time favourite movie scenes comes out of Caddyshack when Rodney Dangerfield (Al in the movie) turns on the tunes in the middle of the course to a full out dance party… So, let’s dance!!!


Happy Gilmore

Adam Sandler’s absurdly scripted golf comedy that is a golf cult classic. It makes no golfing sense and is a bit cringy but universally enjoyed by golfers and non-golfers alike. Also, responsible for the immortal Shooter McGavin character.


The Legend of Bagger Vance

Will Smith,Matt Damon and Charlize Theron star in this very poignant, makes you proud to be golfer, movie. Featuring powerful legendary characters like Walter Hagen and Bobby Jones, this movie is super inspiring. I defy you to not want to go out and play a round of golf or even caddy for someone after watching this movie.

Tin Cup

Arguably the greatest golf movie (after Caddyshack). Kevin Costner and Cheech Marin deliver an insanely good golf movie. Costner’s swing in the movie is pretty good too. Tin Cup perfectly taps into that go-for-broke golf thing that we all succumb to when we decide to go for glory instead of playing safe. Keep an eye for the “longest 7 iron” hustle. Also, who doesn’t love an underdog!!!


This docu-drama on the life of the legendary Severiano “Seve” Ballesteros is pure inspiration. So much so that I actually have a friend who was inspired to take up the game of golf after watching this move. The movie is befitting of the legend who could “get up and down from  out of a garbage can!”

Snow golf! Been there, done that!!!

18 Jan

Snow Golf…is it even possible???

Last year, one of my golfing crew and I braved a slight dusting to play a round of snow golf at the Cray Valley course at the Orpington Golf Centre. Midway through the round, a mild snow storm rolled in and amidst the frozen greens, limited visibility and basically freezing our ar$es off, we swore we would never do this again…

So it wasn’t much of a surprise when the same golfing partner messaged me prior to our early Sunday round to suggest that we cancel because of snow. Partly due to short term memory and partly due to there not being a snowflake in site at my end of London, I insisted he “man the f&*K up” and meet me at the first tee…Unfortunately, the site that met me as I pulled into my golf club was completely unexpected – a fully snow covered golf course!!! Fortunately, my playing partners were real sports and as the course was (miraculously) open, we decided to brave 9 holes. Snow golf was lots of fun and a good laugh but not something I would recommend on a regular basis. Amazingly, I only lost two golf balls over the 9 holes…

A few tips if you do end up playing a round of golf in the snow:

  1. Dress warmly!
  2. Try to keep the ball in the fairway (duh)
  3. When looking for a ball, look for a trail the ball would have left when landing
  4. You cannot use a snowball as a tee!
  5. A round of golf is unusual, so be brave (and weird) and try lots of unusual shots – a flop shot from snow is lots of fun!
  6. Don’t try playing for a score, enjoy the snow 🙂



Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy

14 Aug

A cool Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy Nike commercial? There’s a couple of those…Nike have had their two big name staff players team up to produce some very good commercials.

This one is pretty fun and I like the way it subtly pays homage to Tiger still being the Top Dog…


Being a Man United Supporter and an obsessed golfer, I really liked this little instalment…(Nice soundtrack and brilliant cameo by the legendary Ronaldo too!)


I do prefer this one though…although it’s more Rory than Tiger, it’s quite inspirational. Well done Nike!

Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy

Lenasians…a species unto themselves!

7 Jul


Inhabitants of the suburb Lenasia located west of Johannesburg.

Famed for

  • Saying things like Urrewise (otherwise), Murrer (Mother) and Farrer (Father)
  • Love of buying el-cheapo cars and then spending three times the money pimping them out. The more spoilers and speakers, the better!
  • Love of fighting and their eternal catch phrases when fighting – “hold me back” and “you know me” as per this video

Oh and for the Lenasians that may stumble across this post and get really offended and pissed off – before you get your “ouens to come moer me” – it’s just a joke, lighten up 🙂