FIFA Corruption

2 Jun

As you’d expect, the English media have been all over the FIFA corruption scandal and Sepp Blatter being re-elected as the Big Cheese. True to form, it’s all been the usual “Fox and the sour grapes” syndrome – it’s easy to despise that which you cannot have – World Cup 2018.

The English media have once again mounted the morality horse and chastised FIFA and Mr Blatter for being corrupt, dishonest, unfair, evil…they’ve pretty much thrown everything at FIFA – you’d be forgiven for thinking that FIFA killed little kids for fun, was best mates with Hitler, flew some planes in to an old age home, dropped an A Bomb on a puppy shelter and didn’t ever flush after taking monster dumps – in fact, the Waterboy’s mum would be spot on in saying “FIFA is the Devil”

FIFA is the Devil

Here’s the thing though – I’m willing to wager had England’s backhanders and dodgy dealing during the World Cup 2018 bid process worked and that they hadn’t been out-bribed by those pesky Russians and dastardly Arabs (it sucks when the rich kids have all the fun), FIFA would have been seen as a beacon of light for football and Sepp Blatter as the man who allowed football to come home, FIFA Corrupt??? No way mate!!!

If England and the English FA were truly appalled by the FIFA corruption levels and Mr Blatter’s dodgy leadership then the morally correct thing would be to sever ties with such a reprehensible, morally bankrupt organisation and that would start by boycotting the World Cup! Hang on, that’s ridiculous says the FA’s Boss Man, England can’t boycott the World Cup on it’s own as that won’t make a difference (and won’t allow some of his mates to make a ton of cashish) – so instead they’ll continue to bitch and moan but won’t actually do anything about it…

If England alone boycotted the World Cup, they’re surely lose revenue, lose the (slim, almost impossible) chance to lift the trophy and miss all the goodness that goes with the Football World Cup, but they would, for once, be respected and loved by all those who hold football dear. England would have forever been remembered as the guys who had some cojones and took a stand – and although they didn’t win the chance to host the tournament, the tournament would forever be synonymous with England (and for good reasons rather than missed penalties)