What’s in my bag: Golf Bag

22 May

What’s in my Bag? My Golf Bag

I thought I’d do a series of on equipment I use starting with my actual Golf Bag…
My current Golf Bag is the Nike Sport Carry Lite stand bag. The bag was gift from the wife after she forced me to choose a new bag citing my old bag looking a bit tired.

I chose this specific golf bag primarily for the weight – it is a super light bag. I had recently decided to start walking the course (as opposed to a golf buggy/cart) and carry my own bag (as opposed to pulling it) so the Nike Sport Carry Lite was the perfect choice.

It’s got 5 compartments to house your clubs – 1 for you putter, 1 for your woods (driver, 3 wood, hybrid for me), 2 half compartments for your irons (4,5,6 in one and 7,8,9 in the other for me) and a final compartment for your wedges (PW, GW, SW, and LW for me)
It terms of storage it is a bit limited, two pockets at the back one of which is a small waterproof pocket for your phone, wallet, keys etc). A long pocket down the side with a little sub-pocket and another half pocket down the other side.

Before going ahead with this bag, I had considered the Taylormade PureLite, the Oakley Factory Lite and the Cobra FlyZ. I landed on the Nike because it looked the best and seemed the most durable.

All told, it’s good value for money, very durable (the legs are very firm) and is well priced.

My Golf Bag - 2

My Golf Bag - 1