Golf in Dubai

7 May

I’ve just returned from an amazing holiday playing Golf in Dubai. Being an absolute fanatic, I foolishly thought it would be possible to play 36 holes on each of the 6 days I was there (barring the day I arrived and the  day I flew out). This thought was quickly put to bed!!!

Even though we (bro-in-law and I) tried to tee off early morning and then play another round at night, the heat and weather was pretty draining – average temp around 33 degrees – and we had very quickly realised we did not possess the fitness or energy to play another 18 holes at night. After trying it on the first day the net result was feeling completely drained afterwards and jeopardising a good score on the next morning’s round.

Our ambition was to play the Golf Digest rated top 10 courses in the UAE but alas we only managed 5:

Yas Links, Abu Dhabi (rated Number 1)
Emirates G.C. (Majlis), Dubai (rated Number 2)
Jumeirah G. Estates (Earth), Dubai (rated Number 3 – and the most impressive to my mind)
Dubai Creek G. & Yacht Club, Dubai (rated number 5)
The Els Club, Dubai (rated number 7)

We also managed to play 9 holes (not on the Championship Course) at the Abu Dhabi Golf Club and 2.5 rounds at the Faldo course at the Emirates Golf Club – both very impressive and well manicured courses.


I’ll hopefully get around to posting some reviews on each course we played at. The UAE is a highly recommended, albeit costly, golf destination…