Golf in Johannesburg

18 Sep

I have just touched down in my home town of Johannesburg and I have realised how much I took golf in Johannesburg for granted.

There are a number of very well maintained and very impressive courses in and around Johannesburg. Visitors coming in with foreign currency can take advantage of the weaker Rand (ZAR) and play courses at very good rates which would be a fraction of the cost back home. Comparing prices and courses between Johannesburg and London, Johannesburg wins in every way! Better courses, cheaper prices, golf carts/buggies with GPS units, caddies…the list goes on quite a bit!!!

I am going to spend a week in Johannesburg on a mini vacation and will attempt to squeeze in a round a day at some of the best courses in and around Johannesburg (I hope!!!)

I’ll be posting up some reviews on here…in the meantime, if you are looking for a cost efficient yet impressive golf destination – Golf in Johannesburg is the way to go!!! (It’s also a pretty awesome city!!!)

Golf in Johannesburg