Need the Hermes CEO email address in the UK?

16 Sep

Hermes CEO email address? I got your back!!!


Are you looking for the Hermes CEO email address in the UK because you’ve had bad service, contacted their Customer Service but things are getting worse with no resolution in site? I know the feeling – Carole Woodhead is their UK CEO and I’ve tracked down her email address along with the address of their Head of Customer Services – Dawn Redman

I had used Hermes to ship a computer monitor. I bought insurance for the shipment without checking to see if a a computer monitor was on their “exlcusion list” – my fault, no denying that! I shipped the monitor in a monitor box with several layers of bubble wrap and tape – the monitor and packaging could not be more secure and safe but when it arrived at the recipient, ¬†the box had been pieced in two corners (almost as it two heavy poles had been placed on top of the box in each corner). This resulted in the monitor being damaged beyond usage.

When I raised this with their Customer Services, they refused to accept responsibility and hid behind their “exclusion list”. When I pointed out that their website states that they “would¬†cover for loss and theft where appropriate” and that it would be more than appropriate for them to cover my loss given that my item was utterly destroyed, they simply began ignoring me. After chasing them a few times and still being ignored, I tracked down the e-mail addresses of their UK CEO and Head of Customer Service – within 2 hours, I received an e-mail back confirming that because the shipment was damaged during transit they would compensate me for the loss! It’s a pity that I had to chase several times and eventually escalate to the CEO but this is typical at most companies with terrible customer service (which sadly applies to most courier companies).

So, if you’ve had a similar experience, my advice would be to stop going back and forth with a “Customer Service Advisor” who has zero interest in providing you, the customer, with any level of service unless it’s “stupidly bad” and e-mail the CEO and Head of Customer Services

The Hermes UK CEO is: Carole Woodhead and her e-mail address is:


The Hermes UK Head of Customer Services is Dawn Redman and her e-mail address is:


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