Course Review: Parkview Golf Club

3 Oct

Located between the leafy Johannesburg suburbs of Parkview and Emmerentia, sits Johannesburg’s oldest golf course and my nemesis – the Parkview Golf Club.

Parkview Golf Club will be celebrating it’s centenary year in 2016 making it Joburg’s oldest golf course. It doesn’t get more Parkland than Parkview Golf Club and every fairway on it’s 18 holes is lined with trees.

Parkview Golf Club and I have never been the best of friends. I’m not sure why but I suspect the lack of Par 5s on the front 8 holes and the lack of Par 3s on the back 10 holes (just one on each) have something to do with our constant battles. The odd layout i.e. 8 holes played first and then 10 holes at the back has never phased me (Crown Mines is similar and we get along just fine) but the four Par 4s in a row coming in and the three Par 4s in a row going out make it a total of seven Par 4s in a row – seven par 4s with tight tree lined fairways – I’m sure you can see why Parkview Golf Club is not on my Christmas card list.

That being said, I have yet to go to Parkview Golf Club and find the fairways less than perfect. The greens are always well manicured and true and despite the high scores I seem to endure, I cannot begrudge Parkview Golf Club simply because of the stunning condition it always seems be in.

I will always prefer the nearby Killarney Golf Course but I would never turn down an opportunity to finally tame Parkview Golf Club

Par: 72
Professional Tees: 6,587 meters/7,203 yards
Club Tees: 6,286 meters/6,874 yards
Forward Tees: 5,659 meters/6,188 yards
Ladies Tees: 5,566 meters/6,087 yards
Front Eight: One x Par 5, Two x Par 3s, Six x Par 4s
Back Ten: Two x Par 5s, One x Par 3s, Six x Par 4s
Cost of a Round Weekend: Between ZAR 370.00 and ZAR 470.00
Cost of a Round Weekday: Between ZAR 340.00 to ZAR 420.00

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any pics during my round at Parkview Golf Club but you can check out some pictures here.

Parkview Golf Course Scorecard