Run flat tyres…can they be repaired?

9 May

So it’s been a bit of a struggle working out the benefits of run flat tyres…Sure, it saves you from changing a tyre on the side of the road when you get a flat but aside from that I can’t see any major benefits over standard tyres.

Run flat tyres give you harder ride, cost more to replace and, in my recent experience, can’t officially be repaired if you get a puncture on a tyre that’s two weeks old !!!

BMW and all major tyre retailers refuse to repair a run flat tyre irrespective of the condition or the age of a tyre. Having done some research on this, the reason cited for this refusal is because once the tyre is punctured it is hard to ascertain the distance travelled on the tyre therefore the integrity of the tyre cannot be determined. Running on a punctured run flat tyre for more than 50 miles will result in the inside walls of the tyre getting severely damaged because of the pressure put on them which in turn compromises the tyre.

In my case, I drove less than 5 miles on my flat and the inside walls weren’t hardly damaged. I had just spent over a £110 on a new tyre and wasn’t eager to spend another £110 to replace a two week old tyre. I couldn’t seem to find any retailers willing to even take a look at the tyre let alone repair it. Fortunately, C&R Tyres and Wheels in Walworth, South East London were able to sort me out – they managed to repair my tyre as good as new. RESULT!!!