What’s in my bag: Putter – Scotty Cameron Red X

30 Jul

The Scotty Cameron Red X

The Scotty Cameron Red X putter has been my putter of choice for as long as I can remember. I didn’t go through loads of putters before landing on the Scotty Cameron Red X but having used about 8-10 different putters of various types and shafts I knew I needed a weighty, but not too heavy, mallet style putter with a soft feel and 33-34″ shaft.

Scotty Cameron Red X


A low handicapper in my group was using a Scotty Cameron Studio Stainless Newport putter and after playing a round with his putter, the soft feel of the putter resonated with me. The rage at the time (2004-2005) was the Odyssey White Hot Two-Ball putter. Mallet putters were starting to get noticed more and more on tour and the Odyssey seemed to be the default choice for most golfers. However the feel on the Odyssey was nowhere near the Scotty Cameron. The lack of feel and popularity of the Odyssey put me off getting one so my search for a quality mallet putter with the Scotty Cameron feel continued. My problem was that the only mallet type putter Scotty Cameron seemed to have in the works was the Futura, which looked horrible.

I remember explaining my predicament to a friend who used to source golf equipment from the US and also had access to demo/test equipment from the PGA tour. He told me that Darren Clarke had been testing a new mallet type putter from Scotty Cameron and he had access to some of the test putters Darren had used. If I was interested, he could get his hands on one of them for me…”If it’s good enough for a tour player, it’s good enough for me” I thought

A few weeks later I had my hands on one of the very first production Scotty Cameron Red X putters and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve just recently replaced the grip on the putter with a Pistolero Grip but that’s the biggest change to my putter since I bought it.  My putting average is just under 2 overall and just a touch over 2 for G.I.R. Thankfully, putting has always been the least of my concerns on the course and I attribute a large part of that to the Scotty Cameron Red X.

Scotty Cameron Red X (1)

I’m not anywhere near as impressed with the newer putters being produced by Mr Cameron. The Golo, Futura X and Select putters currently being produced by Titleist and Scotty Cameron seem to lack the authenticity and quality that used to be synonymous with Scotty Cameron. The famous Scotty Cameron feel also seems to be lacking in comparison to some of the putters being produced by Bettinardi.

As my game improves, I am considering making the switch to a blade putter to give me more control and improve my putting stats but it doesn’t look likely that I’ll stick with Scotty Cameron. I’ve heard good things about the putters being produced by Japanese genius Tohru Yamada. I like that he doesn’t pay Tour Pros to use his gear and that Yamada putters are very rare. I also like that a lot of personal detail is put into the putters produced by Yamada and that they’re largely made to order. There is no fancy website or online store where you can buy a Yamada putter except for a handful of sites acting as agents. I recently recommended one as a birthday present for my brother-in-law who now swears by his Yamada putter and constantly receives compliments on the course on his Yamada – I’ll be teeing up a few rounds with him later this September and I am really looking forward to knocking in a few putts with his Yamada to see if it will be a worthy successor to my trusty Scotty Cameron Red X.