The Billy Horschel pre-round warm-up routine

5 Oct

I came across the Billy Horschel pre-round warm-up routine video when a friend posted it on Facebook. His routine really resonated with me for a few reasons:

  1. The discipline of the routine: Nothing is done excessively with proper emphasis shown on the important parts of the game
  2. The simplicity: It’s 90 minutes long and is kept simple
  3. Short game: The right amount of emphasis is placed on the short game.
  4. Repetition: The important shots (short putts and shots around the green) are repeated and grooved in pre-round. This allows for vital shots to be called up without much thought during a round – essentially the difference between par and bogey

I doubt many amateurs enjoy the luxury of time and facilities to incorporate the same warm-up into his/her weekend round but I am willing to wager that if you use this same routine at the driving range 3 times a week without deviating from it in any shape or form, you will shave at least two shots off your handicap! (Disclaimer: For 12 handicappers and above – it’s very difficult to start dropping shots off your handicap when you get to the lower digits)

As I write this post, Billy Horschel’s current ranking is 66, he’s had 9 top 25 finishes in 2015 (to date) and his career earnings are around $1.7 million. Granted, he is not lighting up the PGA but he is doing something right. Maybe at Pro Level, his warm up routine could be improved and may change his performance but this current routine is brilliant for amateurs to use as a template for nights at the range.