True Legends – Giggs and Scholes

17 May

True Legends of English football? Don’t look very far…Giggs and Scholes

This post was inspired by the media and social media frenzy following Steven Gerrard’s LFC departure. It has left me quite amused.

The plaudits being showered on Steven Gerrard are perhaps a little bit over the top. While I fully concede that he was a brilliant player for Liverpool and possibly their best ever, the drawn out hype over his departure from his “boyhood club” and the way he seemed to be lapping it all up was actually quite funny to me…

While he’s done a lot for LFC, it seems to be forgotten that he also seriously considered leaving the club he loves so much for Chelsea (Chelsea ?!? Really ?!?), cost his team their best ever chance of winning the league and wasn’t able to adapt his game to continue to give his club the best. As much he believes he loves his club, he clearly isn’t a “club first” player as his departure – cited because he was becoming a “bit-part” player – tells me that he has put himself before the club.

Que Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes – Giggsy and Scholesy. True “one cliub” players who always put their club first, retired with grace and were happy to serve their club in any form required – bit part or even on the bench. Giggsy and Scholesy are Manchester United through and through. It’s almost as if the club were part of their DNA. If Steven Gerrard is a “legend” how are we supposed to describe Giggsy and Scholesy? They’ve contributed more to their club, won significantly more medals and trophies and especially in the case of Scholesy, earned much more respect in the elite football community.

Their retirement from playing top flight football was nowhere near the circus surrounding Stevie G’s and that is why Man United was always a cut above Liverpool – under Sir Alex, there was a certain class and dignity about Manchester United that was unparalleled. The Gaffer certainly wouldn’t stand for so much hype and the players certainly wouldn’t have wanted it – Even Sir Alex’s retirement was not as hyped up as the Stevie G show that’s been everywhere over the last couple of weeks.

Just goes to show…in comparison to the legends that have graced Old Trafford during Mr Gerarrd’s career, he wouldn’t be fit the lace the boots of many of them but on bailing out on his club, he is hailed as “the best there was, the best there is and the best there ever will be” – standards are indeed very low!

Giggsy and Scholesy